Have you checked your withholding?

by | May 19, 2018

IRS has encouraged taxpayers who have typically itemized to take a further look.
Tax Cuts and Jobs Act changes very likely affect you! Owe or Refund….

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IRS warns taxpayers-who-usually-itemize-deductions-should-check-their-withholding-to-avoid-tax-surprises

Ten quick reminders for FTC

Recent FTC guidance and delayed TCJA provisions will likely impact a taxpayer’s ability to take an FTC going forward. Start analyzing the impact now.

Appellate Court affirms Little Sandy

The US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit affirmed a 2021 US Tax Court ruling in Little Sandy, although it diverged from some of the Tax Court’s reasoning.

R&E Expense Amortization Got You Down?

Now that Research & Experimentation expenses must be amortized over several years, many companies are looking for ways to increase deductions and reduce taxable income. Here are three opportunities to potentially accelerate depreciation and reduce your tax liability.

R&D continues its losing streak in court

IRS continues to win cases challenging the research and development (R&D) credit. Specificity and supporting documentation remain tantamount to sustaining R&D credits.