Discontinuation of 1099 Preparation

Dear Clients,

We hope that you are looking forward to the holiday season this year. 2022 has been another year of change, which may ultimately be our new normal. As our business environment has changed, we are continually looking for ways to add value to our business clients and sometimes that means re-evaluating the services we provide. One of those services is the preparation of 1099s.

As technology has advanced, one area that we believe is more readily available to our clients is the preparation of 1099 forms.  With the multitude of options now available for 1099 preparation, clients no longer need to rely on KHA for their 1099 form preparation. Many of you have the ability to prepare these forms internally through your accounting software or can utilize user-friendly and affordable online services for 1099 preparation.

Many of our business clients are already handling their own 1099s each year, but for those of you that have been using KHA for 1099 preparation, we’re providing you a few alternative solutions.

  • efile4biz.com – a user-friendly online 1099 service that electronically files the forms with IRS and, if you elect, will also mail the copies to the recipients. You can find more information about this option here:  Quick Start Guide – efile4biz.com

  • In-house 1099 preparation – for clients using in-house accounting software such as QuickBooks, you can generate the 1099 forms from that software. Simply order the blank 1099 forms from Intuit or your software vendor as the IRS does require that mailed forms be on special, red ink versions of the forms.  You may also prepare the 1099s in handwritten form.
  • Bookkeeping service – we have a number of reliable bookkeeping services that can prepare the 1099s for you at affordable rates.

We know you will find the preparation of 1099s to be an easy process. However, should you have any questions our team is here to help you determine the best course of action so that in January 2023, you are all set to prepare your own 1099s. We’ve prepared an instructional video for your use in understanding the 1099 preparation process.

As always, we wish to express our sincere appreciation for the trust you extend to us in serving you. Please do not hesitate to contact our office if you have any questions.