Mortgage Bankers

KHA’s membership in the Affordable Housing Association of CPA’s teams our professionals with a select group of firms throughout the United States that deal directly with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

The experienced team at KHA can help mortgage bankers:

  • Understand HUD approval requirements
  • Provide audits for initial approval and annual recertification
  • Establish and maintain required Quality Control plans
  • Understand and implement acceptable branch operations
  • Obtain and account for purchase facilities and warehouse lines
  • Provide operational reviews to meet HUD requirements and maintain profitability
  • Provide compensation planning and assistance with the requirements of paying employees or contractors
  • Develop corrective action plans to ensure compliance with HUD directives

KHA’s active involvement with mortgage bankers makes this industry one of the firm’s largest specialization segments.

Jacob Nethery, CPA, CGMA