You're Our Kind of People

At KHA, we strive to make you feel heard. We champion our employees to ensure you are able to share your unique style and strengths to positively impact your future, team, clients, and our firm as a whole.

Working with KHA

KHA is committed to fostering the personal and professional development of each team member, growing a career into a fulfilling journey. Embracing a culture of mentorship and community service, we take pride in the mutual exchange of knowledge and contributing to the betterment of our community. This commitment extends to our highly competitive perks and benefits


Work Life Integration

Our hybrid work environment is designed with the flexibility needed to accommodate individual preferences and personal requirements while fulfilling business needs. This approach further reflects the commitment to the diverse needs of our workforce. We believe that optimal performance is achieved when work and life integrate effectively for each member of our team.

Our Initiatives

Young Professionals Group (YPG)


Mentorship Program


Proposed by Senior Consultant Alec Calvillo and chartered in 2023 with the purpose of fostering community between the young professionals working at KHA.

Employee Testimony

“KHA’s Young Professionals Group (YPG) has been an invaluable resource to me since joining the firm. It serves as a platform for networking, professional development, and collaboration among the younger generation of professionals at the firm. YPG has closed the gap between our department allowing me to meet and connect with people I wouldn’t normally interact with on a day-to-day basis. This helps foster a community-based environment at our firm. Being on the YPG Leadership Team, I have had the pleasure of helping plan some these events for our colleagues ranging from community service activities to cornhole tournaments. Overall, this unique organization is committed to serving the young professionals of the firm and I am very grateful I get to be a part of it.” 
- Sophie G.


Throughout the year, the KHA team unites in a collective effort to make a positive impact in our communities through volunteering. In partnership with various charitable organizations, we contribute our time, professional skills and financial support. Our longstanding partnership with the Denton State Supported Living Center, spanning over two decades, exemplifies our commitment. Additionally, organizations like Serve Denton empower our employees to align their values with meaningful contributions. At KHA, we prioritize community stewardship, dedicating our time and resources to support those in need.

Employee Testimony

"KHA cares about its employees both inside and outside of work, recognizing that we have not only professional lives but also personal lives, and giving us the time and flexibility we need to take care of our needs at work and at home. In addition, KHA stewards its client relationships with the time and attention needed for a detail-oriented profession like public accounting, caring more for the accuracy of its service over volume. We strive to look for ways to help our clients outside of just the original scope of work provided. Outside of the professional stewardship KHA provides, we as a firm believe in being good community stewards. The firm provides its employees with volunteer opportunities and KHA is committed to supporting organizations that better our community, like Serve Denton." - Lauren S.


Intentional development through thoughtful conversation and challenging questions - we give our people the opportunity to fail. learn quickly, and try again. KHA's purpose is to be a place of vulnerability, honesty, and objective, constructive feedback.

Employee Testimony

"Overall, my mentor has been a fantastic help and guide while journeying through the world of public accounting. Apart from their direct report manager, KHA Accountants provides their employees with the opportunity to gain mentorship from managers in the firm to whom they do not directly report. This gives them the opportunity to bounce questions off someone who is not directly involved in evaluating their performance, in a low pressure, relaxed, and confidential environment, such as coffee or lunch. The mentor works with the associate to help them proactively and effectively synergize their personal goals with firm goals. They also assist with any roadblocks or struggles on the way. Currently my mentor and I are tackling my ten-year plan, which outlines long-term personal and career goals. Working with my mentor has been a huge boost to my personal success and is an outstanding example of how the KHA culture helps their employees achieve excellence." - Christopher R.

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