Part 2: Scoping the KHA Way

by | Feb 1, 2021

By: KHA Consulting Team

The following is part two of a multi-part series on The KHA Way, KHA Management Consulting’s Integrated Service Offering. This blog series includes the benefits of using KHA Management Consulting Services and the components included.

Are you having issues with your financial or operational information, your team, employee underperformance, and/or management alignment? Do you know where to start or what the next steps are to take to get everything back on track? Almost every organization goes through this at one point in the business journey.

The first step to getting back on track is for our team to meet with the owner and/or top executive to assess cohesive fit and identify whether how we may be able to help. For this to be a successful working relationship, both sides must partner together and possess a mutual level of respect.

Once we’ve determined to progress forward together, we send our general information request asking for your recent financial statements, tax returns, measurement of performance reports, including dashboards or scorecards, and begin our client acceptance process. Once received, our team at KHA Consultants will work through your information and reach out to you, the owner and/or top executive with a Discovery Session Engagement Letter.

The next phase, the Discovery Process, begins with an assessment from MentorPlus. This assessment asks probing questions to give KHA a better idea of where your organization currently stands. During the Discovery session, KHA will serve as facilitators, so the information received during the assessment is vital to reaching your potential in the near future.

During the half day discovery session, our team along with your leaders will work to get a picture of your organization out and on the table. This meeting is generally made up of the 4 to 6 key leaders in your business that can speak to the primary functions of the organization. During this session, key questions are asked so that we can gather optimal information. Participants are held accountable through earlier assessment responses and focus is generated towards the next best steps.

After the discovery session, an owner or key executive review is held. During this review, a detailed scope document is presented by the KHA team. The scope document is in priority order, broken into phases, to allow for your business’ change to take place. Some shifting of priorities may occur but generally this scope document is 95% of the way there based on the fundamental tools utilized in the discovery session with the last 5% being fulfilled through owner or top executive preference. Once we have an agreement on the scope, our team will draft the engagement letter to begin services and schedule a kickoff meeting.

Not always, but typically, our process will begin with refining the Accounting Visibility section of the KHA Way.

At KHA Management Consultants, we work with mid-market industry leaders to identify what makes the organization, its stakeholders, and its’ employees tick. We facilitate the Discovery/Scoping process with your organization’s key constituents to ensure buy-in, ownership, and a new way of thinking about the organization and its stakeholders amongst all levels. From a resource perspective, we primarily use our unmatched experience but also tap into the top-level resources such as those made available by Harvard Business Review, Relevant Strategic Management Authors, and MentorPlus. Some of those materials, frameworks, and lessons have been used in authoring this series.

KHA Management Consultants, the consulting department of KHA Accountants, PLLC, based in Flower Mound, Texas, is always looking for opportunities to work with key clients ready to take their organization to the next level. If you have a desire to improve, take the first step toward success with the strategic management experts, and contact us at 972-221-2500.

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