Integrated Offering

Below you will see the process that we have discovered to be most successful in bringing value to our client organizations. These major steps can be done in any order, separately, or piecemeal, but we truly believe that doing them in the order shown below is the key to efficiently maximize the value of your firm. As mentioned previously, as disparate as they may seem, they are deeply interconnected within the day-to-day operations of your firm. The alignment of each of these areas is critical to your success.

Please study the chart below, and read further into each portion, and then review the deliverables you will receive at the completion of each portion, in order to determine which solutions best fit your organization. Every organization is different, and every organization is at a different point in their growth trajectory. It is important for KHA to understand your position and craft a solution that is tailored to where you are right now, and where you want to be in the future.

Please, be open with us and give us the opportunity to be open with you. It is our goal to be a long-term partner with your organization, helping you achieve the future success you, your organization, and your team deserve.

Click here for more information and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our process.

Chris Roberts, MBA, CPA, CGMA Jonny Baker, MBA, CSCA, CPA

The Scoping Phase

Scoping is the phase where we get to know each other. During this phase we will introduce ourselves to you, explain our offerings in depth, and start to understand your business. After an introductory session where we get a general understanding of your operations, we will move into a half-day discovery session, probing in-depth into each area of your business. From there we will determine your fit for the remainder of The KHA Way. Matching and prioritizing your business’ needs to our capabilities and expertise, and customizing a plan for your continual improvement. Typically starting with our Accounting Visibility phase, we will work your business, and your key leadership team, through The KHA Way, helping you better understand your business, and gain clarity on how to improve your performance going forward.

We pride ourselves in providing the best offering to our clients. If you go through our discovery process and we are not a great fit for your organization, we will tell you, and happily guide you in a more appropriate direction for your needs.

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The Accounting Visibility Phase

The most important, and most often overlooked, aspect of any strategic initiative is the monitoring of the success or failure of that initiative. Here we want to help you gain that transparency and clarity for all your initiatives. Before any initiative can be documented, before any target can be set, you must have the proper financial foundation in place to track that success while pursuing those targets.

Completing the Accounting Visibility portion of The KHA Way process will not only provide you with future clarity on where you stand in achieving your goals, but it will also make the lives of every single person who interacts with the accounting and finance team easier. With properly aligned accounting, you will allow the accounting team to become more efficient and better understand what reporting is critical. You will have the data you need at your fingertips constantly throughout the year with less effort from you and your team. This is the most important phase of your strategic development and the phase that makes KHA unique when compared to our competition. You will not get this level of strategy development, anywhere else.

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The Personnel Positioning Phase

Clearly defining what each individual team member is accountable for, who they are accountable to, what rules are in place, and what the organization is trying to achieve is a fundamental step in getting your organization moving in the right direction. Completing this section will give your organization immediate clarity on a good portion of the issues facing your organization. It will also provide you some immediate results. By creating clarity in who is responsible for what, who reports to whom, and what you hope to achieve, you will point everybody in the right direction. Once everybody is pointing in the right direction, all that remains is getting them to march forward, together.

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The Corporate Strategy Phase

This is where strategy truly begins. Here we get to look at who you are as an organization and determine where you will go over the next few years setting your foundation for the future. This is where you lay the groundwork for all activities that should take place within your organization. Whether it is uncovering what great opportunities for success are in front of you, or what strategic changes must take place for you to remain a viable organization, this will bring clarity to your organization on all aspects.

KHA Management Consultants thinks of your corporate strategy as a funnel, starting with the broadest assessment of yourself and what needs to get done, then breaking it down piece by piece until you know the narrowest laser focused deliverables you need to accomplish each quarter in order to be successful.

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The Process Alignment Phase

Now that you know where your organization is heading, it is important to align every single action that occurs within your organization to those goals. We will look at the day-to-day tasks that your employees engage themselves in, determine whether those tasks are relevant to your goals, then ask how those tasks are monitored and measured, and finally evaluate how your employees are rewarded after successfully executing those tasks or are coached towards improvement if they are not executing up to standards.

This is an all-inclusive approach that relates your organizational chart, to your organization’s financials. This information is then used to display, via your dashboard, that your strategic, quarterly targets are being addressed in an adequate manner. This is where it all comes together, and your organization will start to exponentially improve.

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Continual Success

At this point, KHA truly believes that it has given you the keys for success and that your condition has been improved. The most important thing for us is that you turn those keys and open the door to reaching your maximum potential. Here we chart out your next year regarding how you should engage your organization and what roles KHA Management Consultants could have in that process.

The last thing we want is for us to leave you holding the ball with no clue where to go next… this is what makes us different. KHA will stand by your side, through the good and the bad toward helping you and your organization reach its maximum potential.

Finally, we will help you with succession planning, growing the next generation of leaders in your organization or looking to what options you might have for exit, in the event it is right for both your personal and organization goals.

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