M&A Support

Sometimes, clients engage our firm with an end in mind. Perhaps they want to step away from the business and simply maintain ownership, minimizing their daily involvement, or they want to sell the organization completely. Either way, KHA Management Consultants can help. We can help manage and facilitate the due diligence processes, as well as interview and help you to recruit and develop your next generation of leaders. If you have an exit in mind, please let us know as soon as possible, so we can tailor ‘The KHA Way’ to you.

Often ignored by business owners until it is too late to make effective changes, an exit strategy can help shape the value of the business or be used as a foundation for a succession plan. Whether you are planning to retire in two years or twenty years, a written exit strategy will identify areas of improvement and elements of the business that would benefit from process improvements. Business owners who plan with an exit strategy and put improvements in place to achieve that exit strategy will command a higher price in the marketplace when the time is right to sell. KHA can begin working with you to develop a cost-effective exit strategy for your organization.

KHA works closely with several business valuation firms. A business valuation is used to determine a fair, objective price for any business or asset, based on the current condition of the item being valued in the present economic marketplace. The overall value can be influenced by conditions not under the control of the buyer or seller. Most of our clients use a valuation to determine the potential sale price of a company, set insurance levels, update or fund a buy/sell agreement, settle divorce or estate proceedings, for litigation purposes, or to buy out a partnership. The results of the valuation can be used for tax and estate planning, gifting, or to develop a plan to increase the value of the business.

Chris Roberts, MBA, CPA, CGMA Jonny Baker, MBA, CSCA, CPA