Organizational Alignment

Does your organization have people reporting to two different people? Are people not sure who they report to? Does one person bear most of the organization in direct reports, where that load should be shared across multiple members of the management team? If any of these holds true, then your organizational chart should be crafted, reviewed for accuracy, or revised to better align with organization and/or customer needs.

Clearly defining what each individual team member is accountable for, who they are accountable to, what rules are in place, and what the organization is trying to achieve is a fundamental step in getting your organization moving in the right direction. Completing this section will give your organization immediate clarity on a good portion of the issues facing your organization. It will also provide you some immediate results. By creating clarity in who is responsible for what, who reports to who, and what you hope to achieve, you will point everybody in the right direction. Once everybody is pointing in the right direction, all that remains is getting them to march forward, together.

Chris Roberts, MBA, CPA, CGMA Jonny Baker, MBA, CSCA, CPA