Process Mapping & Reengineering

Have you ever had an employee unexpectedly absent for a week and need to have someone fill in that role, just to find out that nobody knows how to do that person’s job? We have seen this with many of our clients and often this is how our engagement is initiated due to this newfound exposure the client is freshly experiencing. And KHA Management Consultants have seen time and time again that most companies are not prepared for something that will inevitably happen.

KHA consultants are experts in documenting processes and procedures at every level of your organization. We will identify key points of failure and provide you with a visual representation of every action within your organization and place them in one easy to read processes and procedures manual. You will know how people do what they need to do and be able to train anybody in those activities in the event of absence, unannounced leave, or immediate termination. Most importantly each of these processes and procedures will have documented metrics that will outline your departmental key performance indicators.

Chris Roberts, MBA, CPA, CGMA Jonny Baker, MBA, CSCA, CPA