Technology Advisory

Technology plays a major role in the success of any organization, but the decision-making process to update or modify technology can be daunting. The key to any successful technology implementation are identifying the right solution, finding the right implementation partner, and having an organized process. The KHA consulting team will work as your trusted advisor to make the process easier.

Our Technology Advisory services team works with you to identify needs, plan the project, create the specifications, and organize vendor selection. We then help you move the project forward with either one of our strategic technology partnerships or make recommendations specific to your case. Our team does not offer technology implementation services, nor do we represent or push specific solutions. Our sole focus is finding the best fit, the optimal solution for your business. We bring relationships with Value Added Resellers, the resources of the RSM Alliance, and a broad range of technical tools, expertise, and practice management resources to make the process seamless.

Leveraging technology is more than just software selection, it is about having a well-organized, thought-filled process.

Chris Roberts, MBA, CPA, CGMA Jonny Baker, MBA, CSCA, CPA